What if there was a sustainable solution that helped build a circular world with positive impact on the environment, economy and consumer?

360° approach to sustainability

There’s an old adage that says, “A rising tide lifts all ships.” We believe that is apropos when it comes to our reason to be: we don’t want to just protect creation, we want to nurture it; we don’t just want to provide a job, we want colleagues who are well paid for a job well done and are co-owners of the vision; and we want to provide a dynamic, circular product our valued stakeholders can benefit from and be proud of.

People, Planet & Profit… everyone shares in it.

Elevating people

We believe people are important. Therefore we commit to working together with NGO's and partners which have a positive impact on minorities and disadvantaged communities in low wage countries. Purfi wants to elevate people by offering them opportunities, fair wages and a shared vision.


We offer opportunites to get productive work for everyone, paying a fair income. By commiting to innovation, digitalisation and diversification, we want to achieve high levels of productivity.


At Purfi people of all genders have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities. We work together with ngo’s around the world to provide opportunities to minorities and women.


By being a solution for textile waste, Purfi helps make cities clean and sustainable. We work together with ngo’s to support local communities.

Nurturing the planet

Not only do we find a solution to the waste problem of the textile industry, but our process also provides sustainable procedures with a minimal impact on the environment.


Purfi doesn't need a lot of water in its production, and never uses any chemicals which could pollute water. By settling production facilities next to sourcing and garments manufacturers, we keep our GHG emissions low.


Purfi makes an effort to reduce the consumption of energy by installing solar panels, using green energy wherever possible and continuously working on the energy-efficiency of its installations.


By working together with partners and communities, we are able to increase the awareness of sustainable consumption and production in the textile industry.

Our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

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A sustainable and cost-efficient solution

Rejuvenation is more sustainable than textile production from original materials.

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Green Energy

All raw materials are sourced from supply chain waste and used to create a closed loop, which leads to less textile waste and compounding sustainability benefits across the world.

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Raw Materials

Our technology requires less resources than virgin textile production: less energy, less water consumption and less gas emissions.

Track and Trace

Partner production data is uploaded on site in real time into the Purfi Network letting us know exactly what is being produced. We can use these metrics to forecast a Partner’s company-wide waste output, which is critical in both supply chain and rejuvenation production planning.

Our Track & Trace system provides a detailed description of each Partner’s waste profile from inception to its culmination as PurFi rejuvenated fiber.

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A circular world is now

Are you ready for a circular world in which both our environment and our economies thrive? Consumers are demanding a sustainable, transparent, and circular world (sustainable & circular) and you can become our partner and be a part of that change. Join our effort to build a cleaner planet with less waste and less CO2!

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