Rejuvenating fibers
for a circular world

Purfi rejuvenates quality fibers from one of the most undervalued raw materials on earth: textile waste.

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On a mission to build a circular textile industry

The textile industry is one of the largest polluters in the world.

Anually 30kg of textile waste per person thrown away

Annually +13 million ton textile waste

Every second, a garbage truck of textile is burned or landfilled

What we’re about


Rejuvenation is more sustainable than textile production. It brings a circular world closer than ever.


We’re leading the textile industry towards a new future.


Customers are provided with unmatched traceability and transparency throughout the supply chain.

Purfi Rejuvenation Processes

Fiber Rejuvenation

Textile Waste Collection
Sorting and Quality Control
Reverse Spinning
Distribution & Production

Filament Rejuvenation

Textile Waste Collection
Sorting and Quality Control
Distribution & Production

Elastane Rejuvenation

Textile Waste Collection
Sorting and Quality Control
Distribution & Production

Rejuvenating fibers for a circular world

Purfi guarantees the same quality product from textile waste as others do from new material.

We maintain the length and strength of each fiber we rejuvenate, which leads to better quality products that are 100% made of waste textile and meet the quality of original fibers.

A sustainable world
has never been closer

Our rejuvenation process turns trash into treasure, elevates people by providing jobs, nurtures the planet, and spreads profitability simply by doing the right thing. That’s authentic sustainability.

  • Elevating people
  • Nurturing the planet
  • Dynamic circular product
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Our commitment to the
Sustainable Development Goals

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  • We perform a thorough analysis of your supply chain waste
  • We create a custom strategy to achieve Zero Waste status
  • We help you execute your sustainable strategy in perpetuity!

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